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What is the Amateur Golf Challenge or AGC?

AGC is a dynamic mobile app featuring four challenges: "Beat your Handicap", "Greenkeeper", "Full Swing", and "Play9." Challenge yourself and win up to $1,350 each time you play.

Who am I competing against?

AGC Competitors compete only against themselves and the course on which they play.

How do you calculate if I beat my handicap?

You beat your handicap if your Handicapping Score is 37 or greater.

Why does it take 3 days to get my results and winnings?

AGC allows 3 days for all the results across Australia to be available. This means that if you played on a Saturday the results for that competition would not be finalised until Tuesday night. If you played on Sunday then the results would come out on Wednesday night.

What can I win?

If you win, we will provide you with your winnings to your account. How much you win depends on which Challenge you enter and how much you paid as an entry fee. See the mobile app for details. Winnings can be spent in the AGC store.

What is the Daily Prize Pool?

Daily prize pools are 80% of the total entry fees paid by all AGC Competitors that day. The Daily Prize Pool is shared equally with AGC Competitors who beat their handicap each day. Our mission is to be the best possible competition to encourage and reward golfers to play to the best of their ability.

How do I enter?

Download the mobile application from the Apple App Store or follow the instruction on the the Android page.

Do I have to enter each competition round I play?

No! You choose the rounds you want to enter. You are in complete control. Once you have entered a challenge look for the "Cog Wheel" where you can manage your entry e.g add a power token, change your stake or pause your account. You can pause for up to 90 days.

After I enter what happens?

Once you enter one or both challenges for your desired entry fee per challenge ($10, $20, or $50), the results from your next club competition round will determine if you've won the challenge or not. If you win, your winnings will be applied to your account 3 days after play.

To make it easy, AGC will automatically bill you for your entries before the challenge results. Just make sure you have enough funds in your preferred payment method to avoid any billing issues. If your payment fails due to insufficient funds, your entry will not be included for the corresponding challenges.

How do I submit my Score?

You don't! Just play golf as you normally would and AGC will retrieve on your behalf any handicap affecting score and if your score is a winner, the winnings will be in your account within 3 days.

What is an AGC credit?

1 AGC credit is equal to $1. So if you have 50 AGC credits you can redeem them for a $50 gift voucher or a $50 product in the AGC Shop. You can always see your balance clearly in the app on the dashboard.

How do I spend my AGC Credits?

You redeem them via the AGC Shop for gift vouchers for Drummond Golf, Woolworths, David Jones, JB HiFi and many more including your Golf Club if they are registered with the AGC. Alternatively, you can buy products sold in the AGC Pro Shop. All gift vouchers will be sent to you by email for you to print. Products from the Pro Shop will be shipped to the address of your choosing.

How much does it cost?

We have three entry options: $10, $20 & $50 per AGC Challenge.

When am I charged?

We bill you after each challenge. By default, any handicap-affecting round will be entered. If you don’t want a round to be entered, simply “pause” your challenge - it won’t be included & you won't be billed.

Can I pause or cancel the AGC?

Yes, you can pause your entry if you need to take a break or work on your game. To do so, go to the challenge icon on the navigation bar in the mobile app and select the "Cog Wheel" on the challenge you wish to update. From there, you can pause your entry and reactivate it at any time in the same place. If you would like to pause indefinitely please select “Pause Indefinitely” at the bottom of this screen.

If you decide that you no longer want to participate in the AGC, you can cancel your account via the App in the “Account” section in the main menu.

Are AGC Competitions played in accordance with the Rules of Golf?

Yes, they must be to ensure their integrity and that all AGC Competitors are competing on a level playing field.

Do my AGC credits expire?

AGC Credits will expire 12 months after they are recorded in your AGC Competitors Prize Account.

So why can you win a different amount each day?

In the Beat Your Handicap Challenge, imagine everyone’s entry fee each day is placed in a big bucket.

At the end of each day, AGC take 20% to run the competition, pay our staff, rent, tech fees and fund a few bevies at our office Xmas party. The other 80% is awarded equally to each player who beat their handicap.

So why can you win a different amount for each win you ask?

Well, to simplify things, picture a $10 entry is one ticket, and a $20 entry is two tickets.

Imagine there’s a pool of $1,950 ready to be divided between that day’s 15 winners. 6 winners paid $10 (or one ticket) and 9 paid $20 (two tickets), giving a total of 24 tickets. We split 80% of the winnings (which is $1560) between 24 tickets.

Jack, who played a $10 entry, would receive $65, while Phil, who went for a $20 entry, would win double as he had two tickets.. If only 20 ‘tickets’ had won, they would have received more as there would have been less to pay out from the pool.

The Greenkeeper’s Challenge is different. Any score of 34 or more wins the corresponding amount displayed on the app when you enter the challenge. Whilst you won’t win as much with a score of 37+ in the GreenKeeper, you will take home some AGC credits with a score of 34, 35 or 36.

How do I pause and reactivate?

If you need to take a break from our challenges or want to start playing again, you can pause or reactivate your entry anytime. Simply go to the "Challenges" section in the navigation bar and select the COG WHEEL. Choose the date you want to pause until, click "Next", and then "Confirm" the changes.

Please note that any changes you make to your account on the day you're scheduled to play must be done before 7am Sydney time, or they won't apply to that day's round.

How do i change my entry fee?

At AGC you can play a $10, $20 or $50 entry fee per challenge. You can change this easily in the app. Simply tap the “Challenge” icon on the navigation bar in the app. Select the COG WHEEL on the challenge you wish to increase or decrease the stakes on. Select the entry fee that suits your budget and hit “Apply Now” and “Confirm” changes.

It’s important to know that if you want to make changes to your account on the day you are playing, it must happen before 7:00am Sydney time or it won’t be applied to that day's round.

How do I refer a friend?

When you start winning with AGC, all your golfing friends will want to get in on the fun.

For every friend that signs up and completes a challenge you will receive $20 in credits. Remember, there’s no cap on rewards, keep signing them up and we’ll keep paying!

To refer a friend to AGC, simply visit the "Refer a Friend" icon on the navigation bar in our app. Here, you can share your unique referral link via email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other sharing options.

Is there a cut-off time to enter a challenge?

You must enter into a challenge before 7:00AM (Sydney time). If you enter after 7:00AM and you are playing that day that round will not be entered into the AGC the following round will be.

What is a Power Token?

A Power Token is a reward that players can earn by completing challenges in the AGC app. The more challenges you complete, the more Power Tokens you unlock. Once you have earned a Power Token, you can apply them to your challenges to enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of winning.

You can modify your challenges and apply power tokens prior to 7:00 AM AEST (cut-off) and they will be applied to that day's round.

How do I add a power token to my challenge?

To add a power token to your challenge follow the below guide:

1. Head to the Challenges section in the navigation bar of our App.
2. Select the challenge you wish to add a Power Token to.
3. Click on the COG WHEEL icon.
4. Choose the Power Token you'd like to apply to the round.
5. Click "Apply Now" and then "Confirm".

You can modify your challenges and apply power tokens prior to 7:00 AM AEST (cut-off) and they will be applied to that day's round. Any changes made after 7:00 AM will come into effect the following day.

Can I send my winnings to my local club?

If your club is registered for AGC's Your Club program, you can easily transfer your winnings to your club using their unique gift card available at the AGC store. However, if your club is not yet part of the program, you can nominate them by filling out a form at https://www.playagc.com/golf-clubs

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