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Make golf more exciting! Challenge yourself and win up to $1,350 every time you have a great round of golf with the Amateur Golf Challenge!

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Be properly rewarded for having a great round

When club comp days leave you feeling downbeat and discouraged, you deserve to liven things up. Play AGC to avoid burglars stealing your win, and be rewarded with more than a $5 ball when you shoot a good score.

  • Increase your skills
  • No burglars stealing your win
  • Make the game you love more exciting
  • Win with a score of 34 or more

More exciting on the green, more rewarding off the green.

Better Skills

Playing to win your Challenge means you'll push your game further each time you play.

Better Chances

Wave goodbye to burglars stealing the top spot. In this comp, the winning's all down to you.

Better Rewards

More winnings to spend instantly or bank them for a new set of clubs, or even a holiday.

Challenge 1

Score 37 or more to win a minimum of 5x your entry plus a share of the Australia-wide prize pool, up to 17.5x your entry fee!

Push your game harder with the Beat Your Handicap Challenge and win up to $875! All you need to do is beat your handicap with a score of 37 or more. No burglars, no boring rewards. Ready to play your best round of golf?

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AGC App - Beat Your Handicap Challenge
Challenge 2

Shoot 34 or more to win up to 2.5x your entry

Don't let a decent round go unrewarded. Give your handicap a helpful buffer and enjoy a challenge - even when you're not playing at your fullest potential or you happen to shank a couple. You can even play The Greenkeeper alongside the Beat Your Handicap and Full Swing Challenges.

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AGC App - Greenkeeper Challenge
AGC App - Play 9-hole
Challenge 3

Score 40 or more and you win 7x, guaranteed.

Fortune favours the bold. This challenge celebrates standout scores of 40+. Because a smashing performance deserves a smashing reward.

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Challenge 4

Score 17 or more and win up to 5x.

Play 9-hole comps? We've got you covered! Shoot a handicapping score of 17 or more in any 9-hole competition and win up to 5x.

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AGC App - Play 9-hole

Power Tokens

Add Power Tokens to your Challenges and Win more

The more you play, the more Tokens you unlock and higher the pay-offs. Activate your Power Tokens to spice up your game and get yourself over the line to win.

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Adds 1 point to your score.

Money Back

Win your money back if you lose.

Gimme Gimme

Adds 2 points to your score.

Spend your winnings virtually anywhere

  • Drummond Golf
  • Your Golf Club
  • Woolworths
  • JB Hi-Fi
  • BWS
  • BCF
  • Kayo Sports
  • Amazon
  • Supercheap Auto
  • Flight Centre
  • Barbeques Galore
  • Birds of Condor
  • Myer
  • Apple
  • Google Play
  • Rebel

and more.

Be part of Australia's richest amateur golf competition. Available any day, on any course.

The Amateur Golf Challenge was created by golfers who wanted their club comp days to be more exciting and more rewarding. Established in 2014, AGC has since hosted over 20,000 Aussie golfers and distributed at least 80% of all money collected back to players who have beaten their handicap. Join now to be part of Australia's largest, richest amateur golf competition!


members since 2014


in prize money awarded to Aussie Golfers

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Play golf and win up to $1,350 in 3 easy steps

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Create an account

Enter your Golf Link Number, name and email in the app.

Select Challenge

Choose your challenge (or pick multiple) and an entry fee that suits your budget.

Play Golf

Win your challenge, be rewarded and spend the winnings virtually anywhere!

Don't take our word for it

Brett Ogle Photo
"What's there not to like? You play golf, you win money, and spend it on virtually anything!!" Brett Ogle PGA Tour Winner

AGC is fantastic. If you are able to play a good round you get rewarded far better than winning at your club and the prizes you can buy with what you win are amazing. A huge variety of options with which to spend your winnings on and a guaranteed minimum prize if you achieve your score. Choose to try and shoot 34 or 37 points for amazing prizes. Makes you try so hard to achieve. Highly recommend this app to all. And choose to play anytime you want.

Apple App Store

The new app is great and having challenges available to subscribe to is a good way to mix it up a bit. Any communication I’ve had with AGC has been handled quickly. I’ve been a member over 3 years and while as a low marker I’m just breaking even the added challenge and pressure has been good for my game. Being able to convert AGC credit to home club credit is a great feature.

Apple App Store

This new AGC app is a great improvement and very user friendly. I have been a member since 2017 and have enjoyed the concept and new additions they have come up with. Choices are flexible and tokens are much appreciated. Customer support has improved significantly now and prize redemptions are very fast. Highly recommend you check it out.

Apple App Store

This is such a top idea. Golf is challenging to most players, and with little rewards. But this app gives you the chance to earn some great prizes, and all you have to do is beat your handicap. Doesn’t matter where you finish in the competition, if you back yourself and you beat your handicap, you’re a winner. Jump on board this and enjoy the winning feeling.

Apple App Store

The new app is sensational. Very easy to navigate and make changes as you need. There’s multiple playing options to use and cool bonus features that can be accumulated. Extremely helpful support staff. Have used AGC for 3 years now and highly recommend!!

Apple App Store

Every golfer with an AGU handicap should consider playing this challenge. Super easy and with good play super rewarding! I cannot recommend highly enough to give it a go! Forget winning the day! Beat yourself for a guaranteed reward!

Apple App Store

So great! This is easy to use and I never notice the $10 wager gone but certainly pays off when I beat my handicap. This has paid for a new driver, putter and wedges over the years.

Will K
Apple App Store

What a fantastic concept this is, I have thoroughly enjoyed the service so far and it has pushed me to play better golf. Highly recommended.

Tom S
Apple App Store

Your questions answered

What is the Amateur Golf Challenge or AGC?

AGC is a dynamic mobile app featuring four challenges: "Beat your Handicap", "Greenkeeper", "Full Swing", and "Play9." Challenge yourself and win up to $1,350 each time you play.

What can I win?

If you win, we will provide you with your winnings to your account. How much you win depends on which Challenge you enter and how much you paid as an entry fee. See the mobile app for details. Winnings can be spent in the AGC store.

How do I enter?

Download the mobile application from the Apple App Store or Android by our dedicated page.

How much does it cost?

We have three entry options: $10, $20 & $50 per AGC Challenge.

How do I submit my Score?

You don't! Just play golf as you normally would and AGC will retrieve on your behalf any handicap affecting score and if your score is a winner, the winnings will be in your account within 3 days.

Still have a question?

Give our customer service team a shout and we'll help you out!

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