Conditions of Play

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AGC Competitions Conditions of Play (COPs)

Amateur Golf Challenge Pty Limited A.C.N. 167.852.299 (the Company) owns AGC and conducts AGC Challenges.

Words appearing in italics and how this document is to be interpreted are as defined and provided for in the AGC Terms and Conditions (Terms). These Terms can be found on the AGC Website. They apply to and are legally binding on every AGC Competitor and it is important for them to read and understand them.


AGC is designed for golfers who play in real Competitions. It is not for social golfers. It is hoped that AGC will incentivise golfers to try to play the best they can every time they play. It is the aim of AGC to discourage golfers from protecting their handicaps and to deter those who do so.

One of the great beauties of golf is the integrity of players in Competitions. To play otherwise than in accordance with the Rules of Golf is akin to damaging a work of art.

1. The Challenge

1.1 The Amateur Golf Challenge (AGC) is a challenge for amateur golfers to play better than or beat their golf handicap or shoot a certain handicapping score in any Competition on any one day.

1.2 The definition of Competition is a golf stroke play competition in which each competitor plays as an individual and which is:

  • held in Australia
  • played over 18 holes,
  • played in accordance with the Rules of Golf, and the results of which are recorded towards the computation of GA Handicaps. “Stroke play” has the meaning defined in the Rules of Golf (see Rule 3) and includes competitions played in bogey, stableford and par formats (see Rule 32).

2. Entry

2.1 This may only be done via the AGC Website. Upon entering each AGC Competitor will enter into a legally binding Contract with the Company in accordance with the Terms.

2.2 Only persons who have attained and are over 18 years may enter and become AGC Competitors.

2.3 Subject to COP 2.5 below, golfers who enter the AGC and pay their entry fee in the manner described below will become an AGC Competitor and compete in an AGC Challenge every time they play in a Competition.

2.4 They will win a prize every time they play better than their golf handicap in any AGC Challenge for which they have been properly and validly entered.

2.5 Only golfers whose results for a Competition are recorded and published by 10 pm on the third day after they have played in that Competition (“the Results Cut off Time”) can be deemed to have entered and be accepted as AGC Competitors in an AGC Challenge which pertains to the day on which that Competition was played.

2.6 This COP is necessary to enable the Company to calculate prize pools and record prizes won which it will use all reasonable endeavours to do on the third day after the day on which each AGC Challenge is held.

2.7 In any cases where an AGC Competitor’s results are not recorded and published before the Results Cut off Time their entry fee will be applied, but subject to the same requirement as provided for in COP 2.5, to the next Competition in which he / she plays.

3. Consideration

3.1 Consideration for all AGC Challenges must be paid by credit card inaccordance with the following procedures.

3.2 On entry, payment of the selected Consideration per AGC Challenge will be charged to the AGC Competitor’s credit card. Subject to COP 2.5, this will be the Consideration for the first AGC Challenge in which the AGC Competitor plays after entry.

3.3 After playing in that first AGC Challenge and after every subsequent AGC Challenge in which the AGC Competitor plays, the AGC Competitor’s selected Consideration per AGC Challenge will be immediately charged to his / her credit card and, subject to COP 2.5, become the AGC Competitors Consideration for the next AGC Challenge in which he / she plays.

3.4 Consideration must be successfully charged and paid before 7.00 am Sydney time on the day of the AGC Challenge (“Cut off Time”). Any Consideration for any AGC Challenge which cannot for any reason be successfully charged to an AGC Competitor’s credit card before the Cut off Time will apply to the next Competition that AGC Competitor plays.

3.5 AGC Competitors who play in successive Competitions on the same day are only able to enter and use in the AGC Challenge their result in the first Competition they play that day.

4. Pausing or Cancelling

4.1 AGC Competitors may pause or cancel their participation in AGC Competitions at any time as long as that Challenge is not active. Changes to future challenges can be made via the AGC Website.

4.2 If an AGC Competitor pauses or cancels his / her participation in AGC Challenges no further consideration will be charged to his / her credit card from that time and he / she will not be entered into any subsequent AGC Challenges other than the one AGC Challenge that they have paid for in advance. Any AGC Challenge paid for and not used will be refunded if the account is canceled.

4.3 AGC Competitors will be solely responsible for collecting or clearing their AGC Competitors Prize Accounts including if he / she cancels his / her participation in AGC.

5. Winning an AGC Challenge

5.1 AGC Competitors win if;

  • In the “Beat your Handicap” Challenge he / she scores a “Handicapping Score” of 37 points or more on their official handicapping record.
  • In the “Greenkeeper” Challenge he / she scores a “Handicapping Score” of 34 points or more on their official handicapping record.

5.2 AGC Competitors must provide their GOLF Link Number to the Company when entering the AGC for the sole purpose of enabling the Company to obtain their “Handicapping Score” to result any AGC Challenge in which they were entered and played.

5.3 Each AGC Competitor, by entering AGC, irrevocably authorises the Company to access and use their handicap record for the above purposes.

6. Eligibilty

6.1 Competitors, meaning persons who have attained or are over 18 years of age who are “amateur golfers” as defined in the Rules of Golf and who hold a GA Handicap and a GOLF Link Number are eligible to enter and play the AGC.

6.2 Professional golfers are not eligible.

7. Motorised Transport

7.1 AGC Competitors are permitted to ride on any form of transportation when playing an AGC Challenge if they are authorised to do so in the Competition in which they are also simultaneously playing.

8. Winnings

8.1 The “Beat Your Handicap” AGC Challenge.

8.1.1 A prize pool will be established for each “Beat Your Handicap” AGC Challenge.

8.1.2 Each prize pool will be 80% of the total Consideration paid by all AGC Competitors in each “Beat Your Handicap” AGC Challenge less any GST collected.

8.1.3 Each and every AGC Competitor who played better than their handicap in the AGC Challenge for which the prize pool is established (“Winners”) will win a minimum Winnings of $50 per $10 single Consideration unit they paid to enter that AGC Challenge (meaning $100 if they paid for a $20 double Consideration unit and $250 if they paid for a $50, five times Consideration unit).

8.1.4 Subject to COP 9.1 below, if the aggregate value of all minimum Winnings is less than the prize pool established the balance of that prize pool will be distributed proportionately according to the Consideration units paid between all the Winners.

8.1.5 The proportionate distribution will be according to the Consideration units paid for by each Winner. For example, if there are 80 winners, 40 of whom have paid single $10 and 20 of whom have paid $20 (double), and 10 who have paid $50 (5 times), the total units will be 40 + 40 + 50 = 130 and the proportionate distribution will be per unit.

For example; A total of 600 people enter an AGC challenge. 80% of the total consideration is equal to $15,000. 70 golfers won the AGC challenge. Below is how the AGC Challenge winners split the prize pool according to what they paid.

AGC Challenge Winners Consideration paid by each Winner Todal Consideracion units held Winnings to each AGC Competitor
40 $10 40 $115
20 $20 40 $230
10 $50 50 $575

8.1.6 If the aggregate value of all minimum prizes is more than the prize pool established the shortfall to pay for all the minimum prizes won will be met and paid for by the Company.

8.2 The “Green Keeper” AGC Challenge

8.2.1 AGC Competitors win Prizes in the Green Keeper according to the below table.

Consideration Handicapping Score 34 Handicapping Score 35 Handicapping Score 36 Handicapping Score 37+
$10 5 10 15 25
$20 10 20 30 50
$50 25 50 75 125

8.3 The Prizes will be recorded in AGC Competitors Prize Accounts. These are the running accounts kept by the Company on the AGC Website and available to be accessed only by each individual AGC Competitor which records the running balance of the Prizes won and redeemed from time to time by AGC Competitors.

9. Maximum Winnings

9.1 Notwithstanding COP 8.1.4 above, the maximum Winnings which can be won by any AGC Competitor in any one Competition is limited to $1,000.

10. Did Not Finish For Good Reason

10.1 If the result of an AGC Competitor who has played in a Competition is recorded on his / her handicap record as “Did Not Finish for Good Reason” in that Competition he / she will be deemed not to have played in an AGC Challenge held that day and his / her Consideration will be applied, but subject to the same requirement as provided for in COP 2.5, to the next Competition in which he / she plays.

11. Amateur Status

11.1 The $1,350 amateur status total prize value limit as specified in the Rules of Golf applies to each AGC Challenge and the Competition in which the AGC Competitor will simultaneously play. Accordingly, the total value of all prizes won from these Competitions including the AGC Challenge and any series of Competitions is aggregated.

11.2 Every AGC Competitor acknowledges that even though:

  • the maximum Winnings is $1,000 ($875 for the Beat Your Handicap Challenge and $125 for the Green Keeper Challenge) which can be won if an AGC Competitor enters and wins both AGC Challenges on the same day. That equates to 74% of the $1,350 amateur status limit and the value of prizes won in Club competitions is usually very much lower, and
  • it is very unlikely that the aggregate value of both or all prizes will exceed the $1,350 limit, all AGC Competitors are personally responsible for ensuring that they do not accept prizes which have an aggregate value in excess of the amateur status prize value limit and if they do win prizes in excess of this limit and they wish to retain their status as an amateur golfer they will have to decline one or part of the prizes they win.

11.3 If an AGC Competitor wishes to decline Winnings won in an AGC Challenge they must notify the Company and it will be donated to charity.

12. Prize Account, Vouchers and Redemptions

12.1 Winnings and a running account of the total value available for redemption and/or previously redeemed will be recorded for each AGC Competitor on their AGC Competitor’s Prize Account on the AGC Website.

12.2 Each AGC Competitor will have a unique password to access their AGC Competitor’s Prize Account.

12.3 The whole or part in portions of $20 or more may be redeemed by AGC Competitors at any time. This may only be done via the AGC Website. Redemptions will be provided by way of digital money (“GolfBucks”), digital gift vouchers (“vouchers”) or physical goods. Vouchers will be emailed to the email address of each AGC Competitor which is provided to the Company at the time of entry.

12.4 Under no circumstances can Winnings be redeemed for cash.

12.5 Prizes winnings must be redeemed within 12 months from the date they are won otherwise they will be forfeited and removed from the AGC Competitors AGC Competitor’s Prize Account and thus cannot be redeemed.

12.6 If an AGC Competitor has not logged into the AGC Website for a period of 12 months or more their account will be closed and they will forfeit any Prize Winnings in their AGC Competitor’s Prize Account and thus cannot be redeemed.

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